At times, I hate it.

I posted on Instagram yesterday what could be considered an unpopular opinion… ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’ is bull shit. 😅

We all know there are days and times where it’s just shit and hard! Especially in the times we are currently living through during this pandemic.

There will be times of frustration, times it’s an absolute struggle and times you think ‘what the fuck am I doing?!’ I have really experienced burn out in the last month and I can now clearly see the pressure i’d been putting on myself to love what I do at all times – which is just unrealistic and frankly bad for you.

I wanted to remind myself and anyone that needs to hear it that it’s completely normal and ok to fall out of love with your job / business / passion.

I’ve been taking the time to remember why I started this business and falling back in love with it all over again is such a blessing 🥰 ⠀

It is ok to admit you aren’t loving it at times, to yourself and to others. I try and say this to my team, I want them to tell me when they aren’t loving it, so we can do something about it together and create an environment we all love most of the time!