Thank you 2018. Hello 2019

I may seem late to the party, but it’s my party and my blog so I’ll do as I please! Starting the year as I mean to go on (not late to everything) I decided writing down my thank you’s from this year and sharing my plans for the year ahead.
I like to say goodbye and thank you to a previous year and a hello and thank you to the next. I’m not religious but I do always say a little thank you to the universe for letting me see another year, even if I only see it for one day, i’m grateful.

Here are my lessons from 2018 with some of my fave pics from it just ‘cos:

Go get it.
You have to actually go get the life you want. Make a plan, book the flights, put that date in the diary. Work backwards from where you want to be and break down what you need to do month by month. Set a focus for each month that feeds into your bigger goals.
I only started my blog and Instagram half way through  last year! I also took my first solo trip and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I didn’t go far, only to Milan but i’ve never felt more proud of myself!

In January last year I made a goal to change my attitude to money. I bought a book about it and did the strange things it asked me to do (burning pieces of paper about my subconscious feelings about money). It certainly hasn’t stopped me spending or having blow outs. But I have realised it’s ok to want money and making it is not something to ashamed of.

I ‘traveled’ (read; went on holiday) more than I ever had before in 2018! I managed to have incredible trips with family, friends (and my self) to; Bruges, Parma, Milan, Skiathos, Paris, Sardinia, Santorini & Athens.

I’ve met so many new friends this year through instagram, I truly mean friends, not associates or colleagues. Girls I will truly be there for. I also had to asses some of my old friendships that became rocky. People say that you don’t have to keep people in your life just because you have known them a long time. But I do think that cherishing a friendship you’ve had for a while is so important. It can be mended, just give it space and time.
So 2019, here is what I have for you, I look forward to seeing what you have for me. I always make ‘silly’ New Year Resolutions, this year it’s to be able to do pull ups. in 2018 it was to be able to do monkey bars (I succeeded, I can now even do them backwards!)

I’m a Digital & Social Senior Account Manager by day and going freelance and starting my own business has been on my agenda for a long long time. So this is the year I’m going to do it. I also want to start a small business as a blogger style photographer.

I have big ambitions for blogging, as some of you know I stopped doing it back in 2012 and have regretted it it ever since. I’m determined to commit to it this year and my goal is to build a 50k community, I know, mad ambitious, but if I get anywhere near i’m doing pretty damn well!

It’s dawned on me quite hard recently that I won’t have my family forever. Losing 3 members of my family hit me hard in 2018. I’m going to spend as much time as physically possible creating memories with them. (Family includes him).

I’ve already started booking and planning trips, I plan to do more than 6 this year. Already booked; Marrakech & New York.
I’ve been working hard on my body & mind, so I want to share my workout progress more. I also want to ‘undo’ some silly body modifications I did in my early 20s; have some of my tattoo removed and fixed and have my flesh tunnels sewn up. Yes, I was a scene kid way back when.

Happy New Year all and thank you for reading this far if you did!


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