Turning 27 – 26 things I learnt from the last year

It’s that time again. The time I dread and relish all at the same time – my birthday. I used to give myself a hard time on my birthday, but as i’ve got older,  i’ve realised just to relax and not judge myself on numbers and what I should achieve by when. 

I thought i’d share some of the lessons I’ve learnt in the last couple of years. Naturally, I thought i’d write 26 (don’t worry I haven’t written essays). Not in priority order, just brain dumped, haha, here goes…

1) Treating yourself how you treat others is the only way to go about your life. Respecting and loving yourself should be a priority.

2) That includes what you feed yourself and how you view your body. Eating a brownie once (or maybe a few more times) does not make you instantly fat, (or fat at all unless you keep on eating them. I digress) it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

3) Falling in love (and loving people) is the most incredible and important thing.

4) Good things can come to those who wait, but it’s not because they are waiting. They work their arses off.

5) Try and be nice to people, sometimes you won’t be, but try, always.

6) You get what you work for. I would alway make long lists of things I wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year (NY resolution hype) and again on my Birthday. It used to always go like this; write list, get excited and motivated, close book, never open again. This year has been different, not only have I kept the book in view, I started to visualise what I wanted (not just material belongings… hello shoes) and prioritise the list. I’d print pictures and put them on my desk at work. Yes, my colleagues asked a few questions at first but I mainly find if you are comfortable with something everyone else will be accepting too.

7) It’s ok to change your mind (on most things, i’m currently getting a tattoo removed) 

8) You are never too old to make new friends, i’m so happy i’ve met some people in the last few months that I count as true friends.

9) Tell your parents or family you love them more.

10) Actions not words. 

11) Your mental well-being and mental health are two different but linked things. Take care of your mental well-being and it will help your mental health. 

12) Build a strong support network around you, then damn well listen to them.

13) Get out of your comfort zone. I started solo traveling this year and it’s been the best thing i’ve ever done for my confidence.

14) Reputation is everything.

15) Read more.

16) Burn out is such a big thing in our generation, especially with social media. Don’t be a slave to an algorithm or billion-dollar corporation. Do it for yourself, or you are wasting your time and energy. 

17) Shopping is good for the soul.

18) Smile more and don’t worry too much about wrinkles from it.

19) You can get by on £100 a month, but there is no point buying the shoes and eating beans on toast because of it.

20) It’s possible to mature overnight.

21) Don’t skimp on good food.

22) Your mum is always right, always, annoyingly so.

23) Trust everything will be ok, even if it’s not just keep trying and being positive.

24) Make your places look and feel nice, material things aren’t everything, but make any place you stay feel like a home.

25) Get the F away from people that make you feel bad.

26) You can never have enough shoes in your life 😉 


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