Three Ways To Style Pink Trousers

I normally stick to my neutrals. Colour has hardly ever entered my wardrobe, but this year something changed. I’ve started to experiment to see if I can expand my neutral ways. Thankfully when I do incorporate new colours all my neutrals work with them!
Ever wondered how to pull off baby pink trousers? Or any pink in your wardrobe? Below are three ways I styled these (very popular) pink trews. 
1) Leopard print
You can’t go wrong with this 50’s inspired combo. Team it with tan heels and a light overcoat for colder evenings. 
 Oranges optional.

2) All black
These look especially flattering tucked into a black cami with heels for the evening. Chuck a Chanel over your shoulder if that’s your vibe. Or a nice black ‘evening bag’. God, I sound like my mum!

 Staring at something very interesting, must be a pigeon. 

3) Red and white
For a casual day look team with white trainers and a pop of clashing red. Adding these earrings still makes me feels fancy as f**k (not a causal gal).

Sunning myself… or staring at pigeons again, who knows? 
Have you tried pink trousers? How did you style yours? 
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